Personal project: Baul

Just want to start something. I dont know what to do with this yet. Will keep dumping character ideas and concepts here. 🙂 One of my goals in the future is to have my own graphic novel , or comics maybe. But that’s still further down the road so i will do what i can […]

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Greetings! Welcome to my little space where I dump all the digital and non-digital artworks that I created during lunchbreaks at work, or while waiting for laundry to finish, or while watching a bunch of tv series , pretty much whenever i have the chance to draw.

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Narda x Diana

cross over cross universe Darna and Wonder Woman. DARNA (anagram name of her mortal name, “Narda”) is of Mars Ravelo’s creations. (Filipino comicbooks) Diana Prince (Wonder Woman of DC Comics) sketched this crossover concept during coffee break at work sometime in January 2017. used my phone to take photo of my sketch and import it […]

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Let Loose Let Live

Let Loose Let Live   You will encounter so many rules and different challenges while studying and improving your art.All of these might put so much pressure on you, make you feel constipated haha. but it’s part of the game. you jst need to let your brain rest sometimes. release. so here’s me doing what […]

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Sunday Support 

Decided to start using this blog again, will share quick and fun sketches here. Too many things to do, too many obligations and chores that takeprecedenceover you. I wIll always find time to do sketching that’s for sure.  Im doing operation  support today tho.  How’s your weekend going?

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Pepito and Paeng, cap buddies

Two recent character sketches i did during lunch break at work. What do you guys think? Happy accidents Team weird Cap! done on the ipadpro using apple pencil +  #procreateapp Moo point. Fun sketch Yes, an onigiri cap. Why not? Moo point – i remember Joey Tribbiani stating the “Moo point” (Moot) hysterical! It actually […]

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I sketched JunkRat

A sketch of #Junkrat. Been a while since i used my intuous Time to sleep., here is Junkrat chilling ^^ This image is open for commission in case anyone wants it, i will continue 🙂

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Tea and Lunchbreaks at Work 1

Figured I shouldn’t be submitting these as deviations so I decided to make a journal entry instead. Lately i’ve been doing a lot of people/portrait sketches, I would make the most out of a 40 mnute lunchbreak and two 15-minute tea breaks at work. Here is what I have so far:

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