Works from 2014

Ink and Paper

2014 was a very productive year for me,
I started drawing again:

“I found some of last year(2013)’s calendars about to be disposed and some markers and pens scattered somewhere on my table. So I tore the pages off the calendar and sketched and doodled away on the main board. Its texture is nice to draw on. I drew my first, a panda – it’s the first thing i thought of drawing. it doesn’t take much time. During my spare whiles or tea breaks I would doodle on the other calendars. I went on to draw for my team and asked what animal would they want on theirs. Then in a couple weeks I doodled on almost everyone’s calendars, even the one they currently use for this year. So here I thought I’d share some of them.”

I wondered how I could make a bit of extra income from doodling so I experimented. I looked up how I could draw on shirts permanently, so I went to draw on my old plain colored shirts with sharpie marker.

Then I was very satisfied how the drawings turned out, however One shirt doodle consumed one sharpie when I started coloring it.
And this is how I decided to research again and figure out how to use actual paint on shirts. It’s always been a dream to use actual paint medium.

I did one shirt first, the captain america (see photo in the album), and posted it in this online selling app called carousell, and I got some new orders after that. Most of the shirt paintings took an average of 8 hours to do. I eventually got some custom shoe orders also.

Around the last quarter of the year I suffered from an asthma attack, so I decided to stop doing traditional painting altogether, this was possibly the reason I had the attack, two decades after the last one (haha). I still do sketching on office supplies from time to time, and I got me a sketchbook for my long bus rides in the morning and afternoon.

Plus I’m learning digital painting now, which is nice.. and awesome,,
I’m studying some concept arts and illustration from lots of resources online, particularly, Sycra’s channel from youtube.

WOOHOOO Hello 2015!
I’m excited on what will happen to my art this year, I hope to improve a lot more and hopefully in the future do this for a living.

Here’s a link to the facebook album:

Works from 2014


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