Batang X, 20 years after

Digital Paintings, Original Art, Process and WIPs

Joined another online art jam: draw your concept of what would batang X be like 20 years after they have defeated zygrax.

this is what I have so far, decided to go with 3-NA dela Paz.

Batang X: 20 years after

Trina dela Paz, aka 3-NA. At a young age, 3-na’s electric waves was able to amplify and control the energy fields surrounding her body. This allowed her to stay inside an energy field that is cloaked in such a way that it distorts the light making her seem invisible to the eye of observer. 20 years later and she is able to transform this energy to whatever forms she needs: energy blaster boost, suit power up, magnetic field manipulation allowing her to levitate her suit and objects around her.

Here is the final image I submitted:

trina-full reso

Finished version of 3-NA (art by Tuntun Dizon)


Reference images from Google image search:


work in progress:

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