Zaraki, the new Kenpachi – aftermath

Digital Paintings, Original Art, personal post

Zaraki Kenpachi by Rodrei Dizon

Stating she has no more to give to him, and even the title of Kenpachi which she held for so long has left her, she tells him to rejoice in her death, for there is no better time to rejoice than when someone dies with one’s purpose fulfilled.

– Started this as an exercise around feb 2015. Decided to spend more time than usual, a little too much that it took until april 2015 to finishi 🙂 I kept changing it everytime I sit on it esp. the last days, i thought i was finished, and decided to desaturate everything and fix some more values. I will be uploading the youtube video on the timelapse of this and you’ll definitely see how indecisive I’d been during this whole time. Hope you all enjoy it.

I also recorded my process using Video Velocity 3 free version 🙂

Sorry bout the old mcdonald song though 😉

Timelapse Process:


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