The List 2016

personal post, random nonsense

This will be a list of anything I’d like to acquire in 2016 that is related to art. Be it art materials, devices, skill, challenge, a certain level of mastery in different areas of improvement in my art, characters that i want to make a fanart of.

I intend to regularly update this and hope that at least one of them gets crossed out from the list.

  • finish the XMEN fanart! lol – seriously finish it.
  • get better at composition, perspective, and anatomy – redraw one of your paintings from 2015 (maybe the Korra piece)  NO PRESSURE get better in at least one area 😀
  • upgrade pen tablet: get a cintiq / ipad pro/ a good alternative (lol good luck on this one) – save 50 sgd a month from salary, and whatever you get from commissions – lol #imposibru
  • draw a fanart of the whole straw-hat crew (before new world version) like you always planned since you first started reading the manga (2007)
    • luffy
    • zorro
    • sanji
    • usopp
    • tony tony chopper
    • nami
    • nico robin
    • franky
    • brook
  • better customer service learn how to handle different clients and their requests with more grace and patience 🙂
  • learn how to sell and ship prints internationally
  • learn how to create art prints haha

AWYEAH!!! It’s not even xmas 2015 yet and I already have my new year’s list. haha good luck tuntun!


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