Harley Quinn (Regularly updated, little by little)

Comic Book Characters, Digital Paintings, Movie Characters, Process and WIPs, TV Series

sketch: HQ or MK? art by rodreidizon

Nightsketch: possibly a wip of harley quinn or miranda kerr, or i dunno. Just a study 🙂 What do you guys think?

UPDATE Dec04 2015:

wip2: rough lines – i think im slowly inclining towards a harley quinn concept 🙂 Figuring out this feisty look.  Anyway, back to my commission piece 🙂


HQuinn rough lineart by rodreidizon

UPDATE January 05 2016:

Wip3: tried to do update this artwork yesterday as I was on leave at work. still figuring out what hair color and facepaint style to put. but here’s what I have so far


Harley Quinn WIP by Rodreidizon


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