Pepito and Paeng, cap buddies


Two recent character sketches i did during lunch break at work. What do you guys think?

Happy accidents :)
Team weird Cap!

done on the ipadpro using apple pencil +  #procreateapp

Pepito and Paeng by rodreidizon

Moo point.

Fun sketch :) Yes, an onigiri cap. Why not?

Moo point – i remember Joey Tribbiani stating the “Moo point” (Moot) hysterical!
It actually made sense when he tried to define it, “It’s a cow’s opinion… it’s ‘MOO'” :D
Portrait sketch: Paeng by rodreidizon
Done in #procreateapp

“Yes i have a cyclops cap, because i just do. ”

Pepito is a character that popped out of my lunch sketches.

Cap definitely inspired by Mike Wazowski  :D

I’ve yet to finish but definitely an interesting character for me.

Portrait sketch: Pepito by rodreidizon

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