I sketched JunkRat

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A sketch of #Junkrat. Been a while since i used my intuous :)

Time to sleep., here is Junkrat chilling ^^

This image is open for commission in case anyone wants it, i will continue 🙂


Rey BB8 Artwork by rodreidizon

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Finished this artwork yesterday 🙂

For wips and sketches of this you may visit my instagram account: @tuntunduduls


Rey BB8 Original Artwork by Rodreidizon from Winston Rodrei Dizon on Vimeo.

Commission Artwork: Villanueva Family painting

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Family Portrait commissioned artwork
painted digitally in procreate app.
9 hours/3 sittings
timelapse video of full painting process to be uploaded next time.

If you have any questions feel free to use the comment section below 🙂


Digital Painting: Villanueva Family Portait by rodreidizon


wips at my ig feed:



Timelapse  video of painting process:


999 points for Gryffindor

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Ending 2015 with a bang! Happy new year!

Nagini going for the kill: Ms.  Granger  couldn’t find the sword of Gryffindor.  Instead of the sorting hat,  she found a samurai helmet nearby with something shiny inside. She reached in. It was a bladeless hilt.
Just finished my last commission for this year! Umabot!

Cross-over commissioned art for @marcpodi
Visit my fb: fb.com/gawanituntund


Commission wip: tuntun121215

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commission wip_121215  by rodreidizon

The force awakens, but where… Update wip on my current commission art! 60% done!

wip: tuntun120715_wip

Art Commissions, Digital Paintings, Movie Characters, Original Art, Process and WIPs



A WIP (work in progress) update for my commission. Studying more dynamic poses and perspective. Hope to apply it correctly on this next artwork. Working on this while watching the latest episode of Grimm.

Keeping the concept a secret for now as per agreement with client 🙂

Inktober 25: “Suly’s Nightmare”

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Entry 25 for #inktober: “Sulley’s Nightmare” @tuntunduduls original art


Drew this while watching Monsters University with my younger cousins Mico and Meanne.  Used copic markers N2, N4, N7 and 0.03 copic multiliner.

Shirt Artworks

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Some shirt commissions I worked on  last 2014

I had to stop as the fumes from the paint triggered my asthma, this is mainly the reason why I shifted to digital painting instead. I’m just happy being able to try and experience painting on shirts and using acrylics.