Art Dump: April and May 2016

  I have not posted anything for 2 months! Nyak!! Been very busy at work, and I went back to my country for my parents’ church wedding! But for every little free time I had I would draw something and post in on my instagram, so here I am dumping everything I did since I […]

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Busride Sketch: Dec17

Happy to have brought 2 copic markers with me on my short vacation in the Philippines.  It’s been 3 years since last time I was here. Meanwhile here’s a sketch during a very shaky bus ride, on the way to my early childhood hometown.  That’s my lil bro on the background

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Lunchsketch: Dec 11

    Lunchbreak sketch,  10 min sketch. This is a small sketch (2 x 1.5 inch portion of my notebook) while eating haha. Brought my w3 copic and a pen with me. spilled some coffee for the hair (fail)    

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Lunchsketch: Dec 08

A 30 min sketch done during lunch breaks at work. Notes to Tuntun: I noticed most of the things i need to correct  after i posted it on instagram. But no more time to fix it.. The neck should be thinned more and some values at the sides of the nose bridge.  Guess i trust […]

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Dec06: nightsketch

Nightsketch: A study of Kr0nprinz’s artwork #lifeisstrange finale using copic markers.  Still trying out different papers to blend copic markers. #illustration #drawing #nightsketch #sketch #copics #copic markers #lightning #tuntunduduls #rodreidizon #inkpaper #inktober #artsanity #study #kr0nprinz

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