Narda x Diana

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cross over cross universe

Darna and Wonder Woman.

DARNA (anagram name of her mortal name, “Narda”) is of Mars Ravelo’s creations. (Filipino comicbooks)
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman of DC Comics)

sketched this crossover concept during coffee break at work sometime in January 2017.

used my phone to take photo of my sketch and import it to procreate, on my ipad.
Now slowly painting over the sketch smiley

trying some tones and subtle colors. at the time, I was still basing darna on Angel Locsin (one of the recent actresses to portray the role on TV)

April 11 2017

worked more on May 2017.

Finally finished on June 27.2017
Media: Pencil and paper, to digital painting with ipadpro + procreate.


So that was 6 months of on and off painting. iv been quite busy at work that when i reached my place i jst wanted to sleep right away.  even weekends i needed to do support work ( I work in the semiconductor industry as a systems analyst haha). so yah, only had more time and eventually finish this during the hari raya season. we had a 3 day holiday here in Singapore.  🙂

Let me know what you think, and comment below. Feel free to share 🙂

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I finished Inktober 2016!

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New sketches!

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Hi all,

It’s been a while since I posted an entry. I haven’t been drawing as much lately because Iv been training for my first half-marathon 🙂  I was only able to do a few lunch sketches so I will be posting them here altogether 🙂

Leave some comments if you have questions, I’ll be happy to answer them 🙂

Supergirl sketch:  (16 March)

Finished Supergirl (sort of finished)

Random Archer dude 🙂



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I joined another art jam from Metal Pen.

Metal Pen’s Encantadia 2016 Redesign challenge.



I definitely enjoyed working on this artwork. It is very seldom that I finish a full painting. This one took a lot of my lunch hours and many more hours at night. So i guess i’ll just do sketches on the other 3 haha maybe will finish them next time. Will post a timelapse soon for the full painting process of this artwork..
Link to the full album of all entries and details about the artjam can be found here:
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The art jam is still ongoing so if you guys want to participate or just appreciate more of our artworks, just head to the facebook link provided above 🙂
Please don’t forget to put credits if ever this artwork is to be shared 🙂

Prints of this artwork will be available soon 🙂

I decided not to do a timelapse video anymore as I wanted to share my thought process while working on the painting. So here is the album instead containing wips and my notes on them. Do visit


Wolverine | Logan Fanart

Comic Book Characters, Digital Paintings, fanart, geeky, Lunchbreak Sketch, Movie Characters, Process and WIPs, procreate paintings, Sketches


Right after my Hulk artwork, I started working on a wolverine fanart on lunch break the next day.
This time the inspiration comes from the mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions.
The wolverine version here really has this animalistic look for our adamantium clawed James Howlett.

Some of the process shots and 15 secs timelapse are posted in my instagram: (Follow Me? :D)

wolverine wip

Anyway, below is the finished version and the black and white version before it.

When i posted this in some groups in fb it’s been compared to that dude from Jeeper’s Creepers and Kamen Rider

What do you guys think? Hit the comments below 🙂

P.s. will find time to update the layout/groupings of this blog, suggestions and tips are most welcome!


Rey BB8 Artwork by rodreidizon

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Finished this artwork yesterday 🙂

For wips and sketches of this you may visit my instagram account: @tuntunduduls


Rey BB8 Original Artwork by Rodreidizon from Winston Rodrei Dizon on Vimeo.

999 points for Gryffindor

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Ending 2015 with a bang! Happy new year!

Nagini going for the kill: Ms.  Granger  couldn’t find the sword of Gryffindor.  Instead of the sorting hat,  she found a samurai helmet nearby with something shiny inside. She reached in. It was a bladeless hilt.
Just finished my last commission for this year! Umabot!

Cross-over commissioned art for @marcpodi
Visit my fb:


Commission wip: tuntun121215

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commission wip_121215  by rodreidizon

The force awakens, but where… Update wip on my current commission art! 60% done!

wip: tuntun120715_wip

Art Commissions, Digital Paintings, Movie Characters, Original Art, Process and WIPs



A WIP (work in progress) update for my commission. Studying more dynamic poses and perspective. Hope to apply it correctly on this next artwork. Working on this while watching the latest episode of Grimm.

Keeping the concept a secret for now as per agreement with client 🙂

Harley Quinn (Regularly updated, little by little)

Comic Book Characters, Digital Paintings, Movie Characters, Process and WIPs, TV Series

sketch: HQ or MK? art by rodreidizon

Nightsketch: possibly a wip of harley quinn or miranda kerr, or i dunno. Just a study 🙂 What do you guys think?

UPDATE Dec04 2015:

wip2: rough lines – i think im slowly inclining towards a harley quinn concept 🙂 Figuring out this feisty look.  Anyway, back to my commission piece 🙂


HQuinn rough lineart by rodreidizon

UPDATE January 05 2016:

Wip3: tried to do update this artwork yesterday as I was on leave at work. still figuring out what hair color and facepaint style to put. but here’s what I have so far


Harley Quinn WIP by Rodreidizon