Narda x Diana

cross over cross universe Darna and Wonder Woman. DARNA (anagram name of her mortal name, “Narda”) is of Mars Ravelo’s creations. (Filipino comicbooks) Diana Prince (Wonder Woman of DC Comics) sketched this crossover concept during coffee break at work sometime in January 2017. used my phone to take photo of my sketch and import it […]

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Personal project: Baul

Just want to start something. I dont know what to do with this yet. Will keep dumping character ideas and concepts here. 🙂 One of my goals in the future is to have my own graphic novel , or comics maybe. But that’s still further down the road so i will do what i can […]

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New sketches!

Hi all, It’s been a while since I posted an entry. I haven’t been drawing as much lately because Iv been training for my first half-marathon 🙂  I was only able to do a few lunch sketches so I will be posting them here altogether 🙂 Leave some comments if you have questions, I’ll be […]

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Wolverine | Logan Fanart

Right after my Hulk artwork, I started working on a wolverine fanart on lunch break the next day. This time the inspiration comes from the mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions. The wolverine version here really has this animalistic look for our adamantium clawed James Howlett. Some of the process shots and 15 secs timelapse […]

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Sketch Study: January 06

Making it a habit to do studies once every 2 weeks. For this piece I focused on studying values of one Loish’s self portrait artwork. I really like her style, the eye part is still not okay in terms of proportions haha. Let me know in the comments if anyone interested to see the process […]

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