Personal project: Baul

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Just want to start something. I dont know what to do with this yet. Will keep dumping character ideas and concepts here. 🙂
One of my goals in the future is to have my own graphic novel , or comics maybe. But that’s still further down the road so i will do what i can for now. Need to start at some point so might as well do something now, right? Lots of character sketches, hopefully will cone up with more ideas soon. Will just keep updating them whenever 🙂 woohoo! Cmon 2017! :

Might be random sketches for now

character 001

Character 010

Personal project: Baul


New sketches! (june 2017)


more sketches


baul_char_03  enjoyed making this character.


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Let Loose Let Live

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Let Loose Let Live


358/1000 Let Loose Let Live


You will encounter so many rules and different challenges while studying and improving your art.All of these might put so much pressure on you, make you feel constipated haha. but it’s part of the game. you jst need to let your brain rest sometimes. release.
so here’s me doing what I missed doing.. letting my mind afloat while sketching, not overthinking about it. let loose. let the fart come out. let live. and repeat. 🙂

Will probably use this blog more often now. Will continue doing my 1000 drawings personal challenge here.  This would by my 358th so far. the rest can be found on my instagram: @tuntunduduls

Artactivity: Draw your childhood

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Umikot kabataan ko sa pakikipaglaro kasama ng kapatid ko (si ian palang nuon hehe) sa mga pinsan at mga kapitbahay. Dpa sementado daan kaya sarap maghabulan taguan hnggang magkadapadapa at masugatan , lahat ng usong larong kalye nuon nilalaro namin. Teks holen sipa piko wantutri patintero (harangang batres pa ata tawag namin sa balanga, at tambubong naman sa may Tarlac). Tas pag araw ng eskwela nagmamadali makauwi at kailangan maabutan ang mga paboritong cartoons at anime sa tv (dpa puro drama palabas sa hapon nuon hehe). Tas pag balita n uli palabas sa tv takbuhan n uli sa labas. Video games (famicom at nintendo 64(n Japanese sub lahat pero natapos namin mga laro haha) tas mga bente kayo nag iintay ng turn nyo makalaro tas mamatay ka dn agad sa game toink haha. Then anjan ang sangkatutak n notebook at papel na madami sketch at doodles sa klase o pag nakatrip ka sa isang sabado). Yang puti sa muka ko ay facepaint daw ni ultimate warrior, nilalagay namin ng kapatid ko gamit pulbo hehehe. Hairstyle nuon puro trunks o basta may hati sa gitna. Suspenders, bandaid. Nakakamis! Fun activity na pakana ni pogi Justine Cruz! Rule: Drawing nyo lang yung sarili nyo nung bata pa kayo tapos yung mga bagay na nag influence sa inyo nung time na yun at kaunting description lang like kung anong namimiss nyo or kung ano man kahit line art lang okay na 😀 then tag lang kayo ng at least 3 na artist friends 🙂 ) #mychildhood #90s #80s #goodtimes #illustration #combatron #tomasEnKulas #funnyKomiks #trumpo #jolens #suspenders #rambo #tumbangPreso #anime #ghostFighter #flameOfRecca #dbz #nintendo #supermario #galaga #tank #toysoldiers #wwe #sentai #kamenrider #ultraman

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A fun activity started by Justine (a digital artist from Gunship Revolution), shared this to our fb group. Rules involve drawing yourself as a kid along with things that influenced your childhood. Mine includes those games we used to play on the streets with my bro and neighboors. The toys we had, (whatever was trending back then: spin tops, playing cards, pog, marbles, etc) video games where you take turns with 15 other cousins gathered at your grandpas living room to play Family computer (SNES) and N64. the cartoons and animes,  etc. I donned suspenders as a kid and the Trunks (dbz) hairdo 😀 lots and lots of sketches on notebooks, papers that i would post on our cabinet  and stick to walls 😀



Sketch Study: January 06

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Making it a habit to do studies once every 2 weeks. For this piece I focused on studying values of one Loish’s self portrait artwork.
I really like her style, the eye part is still not okay in terms of proportions haha. Let me know in the comments if anyone interested to see the process video for this or whatever you guys think about the drawing. C&C are very welcome!

Value study of loish’s art


Squeezed timelapse video (14 secs) of how this was sketched is available at my instagram account (@tuntunduduls)

Click here to watch! 🙂

Lunchsketch: Baldy

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Lunchsketch: Baldy by Rodreidizon

done in sketchbook app  around 30 mins. Saitamatamatama

Busride Sketch: Dec17

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Happy to have brought 2 copic markers with me on my short vacation in the Philippines.  It’s been 3 years since last time I was here. Meanwhile here’s a
sketch during a very shaky bus ride, on the way to my early childhood hometown.  That’s my lil bro on the background

Commission wip: tuntun121215

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commission wip_121215  by rodreidizon

The force awakens, but where… Update wip on my current commission art! 60% done!

1 year after: Draw This Again post!

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Thanks to facebook’s On this Day for showing me a post 1 year ago. i’ve been doing digital painting for a year now! Exactly a year ago I attempted my first digital portrait. I decided to do a quick paintover to see how much I have improved 🙂 Here’s my 1st level up Draw this again meme.
Dec 2014 and Dec 2015.


Lunchsketch: Dec 08

Copics, Ink and Paper, Lunchbreak Sketch, Original Art, personal post, Process and WIPs, random nonsense, Sketches, Traditional

A 30 min sketch done during lunch breaks at work.


Lunchsketch: Dec 06 by Rodreidizon

Notes to Tuntun: I noticed most of the things i need to correct  after i posted it on instagram. But no more time to fix it.. The neck should be thinned more and some values at the sides of the nose bridge.  Guess i trust my eyes more when looking at the drawing when on a screen than as i draw it on paper.. Will use this technique to check next time.  🙂


Copics, Ink and Paper, Lunchbreak Sketch, Original Art, random nonsense, Sketches, Traditional

Lunchsketch dec 03 by rodreidizon 

Lunchbreak sketch,  just trying poses from stick figures.  Used gray copic markers and a white gelpen for the rim light.  Took around 20 mins.