I finished Inktober 2016!

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Wolverine | Logan Fanart

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Right after my Hulk artwork, I started working on a wolverine fanart on lunch break the next day.
This time the inspiration comes from the mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions.
The wolverine version here really has this animalistic look for our adamantium clawed James Howlett.

Some of the process shots and 15 secs timelapse are posted in my instagram:
instagram.com/tuntunduduls (Follow Me? :D)

wolverine wip

Anyway, below is the finished version and the black and white version before it.

When i posted this in some groups in fb it’s been compared to that dude from Jeeper’s Creepers and Kamen Rider

What do you guys think? Hit the comments below 🙂

P.s. will find time to update the layout/groupings of this blog, suggestions and tips are most welcome!


Rey BB8 Artwork by rodreidizon

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Finished this artwork yesterday 🙂

For wips and sketches of this you may visit my instagram account: @tuntunduduls


Rey BB8 Original Artwork by Rodreidizon from Winston Rodrei Dizon on Vimeo.

Art Prints now available!

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My first ART PRINTS!
Kenpachi and Fire Monkey prints now available!

Hi all, im starting small with these 2 prints. trying the Society6 platform as it seems the popular one for selling art prints such as these.

I have placed 2 artworks there now, hope you guys can drop by and tell me what you think 🙂

Also thinking which other artworks to place there 🙂 i only have 2 decent ones so far haha.


Joey Sketch comes to life

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Tried motion portrait app on my Joey Sketch and dubbed my best (i tried) “How you doin?” voice impression with it.

Heyyy how you doinn #joeyComesToLife #motionportrait #joeytribbiani #howYouDoin #friendstvshow

A video posted by tuntun duduls (@tuntunduduls) on Nov 26, 2015 at 9:24am PST


Motion Portrait app is available on your Ios app store and google play store, give it a try and bring your art to life!