Let Loose Let Live

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Let Loose Let Live


358/1000 Let Loose Let Live


You will encounter so many rules and different challenges while studying and improving your art.All of these might put so much pressure on you, make you feel constipated haha. but it’s part of the game. you jst need to let your brain rest sometimes. release.
so here’s me doing what I missed doing.. letting my mind afloat while sketching, not overthinking about it. let loose. let the fart come out. let live. and repeat. 🙂

Will probably use this blog more often now. Will continue doing my 1000 drawings personal challenge here.  This would by my 358th so far. the rest can be found on my instagram: @tuntunduduls


I sketched JunkRat

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A sketch of #Junkrat. Been a while since i used my intuous :)

Time to sleep., here is Junkrat chilling ^^

This image is open for commission in case anyone wants it, i will continue 🙂

Night sketch: January 25, 2016

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Nightsketch, january 25 by rodreidizon

Jan 25 11:58pm. 40min bus ride. Pls follow @tuntunduduls for more of these rubbish 🙂

timelapse to be embedded here next time. For now pls head to my instagram account for the compressed 15 seconder  timelapse 🙂


full sketch process below:

Tea break sketch: January 19 ’15

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photo study sketch during tea break by rodreidizon

Had 30 mins to sketch today. Decided to grab a photo from google to use as reference.

Timelapse of the painting process:


Digital sketch using Procreate app. Feel free to leave comments and questions below 🙂

Reference image:  google image

Harley Quinn (Regularly updated, little by little)

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sketch: HQ or MK? art by rodreidizon

Nightsketch: possibly a wip of harley quinn or miranda kerr, or i dunno. Just a study 🙂 What do you guys think?

UPDATE Dec04 2015:

wip2: rough lines – i think im slowly inclining towards a harley quinn concept 🙂 Figuring out this feisty look.  Anyway, back to my commission piece 🙂


HQuinn rough lineart by rodreidizon

UPDATE January 05 2016:

Wip3: tried to do update this artwork yesterday as I was on leave at work. still figuring out what hair color and facepaint style to put. but here’s what I have so far


Harley Quinn WIP by Rodreidizon