Painting Gal Gadot

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tried to color my
Gal Gadot portrait sketch

painted using procreate


Gal Gadot Sketch by Tuntunduduls

ipad painting Gal Gadot by Tuntunduduls


Wolverine | Logan Fanart

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Right after my Hulk artwork, I started working on a wolverine fanart on lunch break the next day.
This time the inspiration comes from the mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions.
The wolverine version here really has this animalistic look for our adamantium clawed James Howlett.

Some of the process shots and 15 secs timelapse are posted in my instagram: (Follow Me? :D)

wolverine wip

Anyway, below is the finished version and the black and white version before it.

When i posted this in some groups in fb it’s been compared to that dude from Jeeper’s Creepers and Kamen Rider

What do you guys think? Hit the comments below 🙂

P.s. will find time to update the layout/groupings of this blog, suggestions and tips are most welcome!


Night sketch: January 25, 2016

Bus Ride sketch, Digital Paintings, Lunchbreak Sketch, Original Art, personal post, procreate paintings, Sketches, Studies, timelapse videos

Nightsketch, january 25 by rodreidizon

Jan 25 11:58pm. 40min bus ride. Pls follow @tuntunduduls for more of these rubbish 🙂

timelapse to be embedded here next time. For now pls head to my instagram account for the compressed 15 seconder  timelapse 🙂


full sketch process below:

Tea break sketch: January 19 ’15

Digital Paintings, Lunchbreak Sketch, Original Art, Process and WIPs, procreate paintings, Sketches, Studies, timelapse videos


photo study sketch during tea break by rodreidizon

Had 30 mins to sketch today. Decided to grab a photo from google to use as reference.

Timelapse of the painting process:


Digital sketch using Procreate app. Feel free to leave comments and questions below 🙂

Reference image:  google image

Livesketch Dec20: Angelica Gayle

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“Angelica Gayle”

Tried a live sketching of my cousin while waiting for lunch

Dec 20, 2015

Busride Sketch: Dec17

Copics, Ink and Paper, Lunchbreak Sketch, Original Art, random nonsense, Sketches, Traditional


Happy to have brought 2 copic markers with me on my short vacation in the Philippines.  It’s been 3 years since last time I was here. Meanwhile here’s a
sketch during a very shaky bus ride, on the way to my early childhood hometown.  That’s my lil bro on the background

Lunchsketch: Dec 11

Copics, Ink and Paper, Lunchbreak Sketch, Original Art, personal post, Sketches, Traditional



Lunchsketch december 11 by rodreidizon


Lunchbreak sketch,  10 min sketch. This is a small sketch (2 x 1.5 inch portion of my notebook) while eating haha. Brought my w3 copic and a pen with me. spilled some coffee for the hair (fail)



Lunchsketch: Dec 08

Copics, Ink and Paper, Lunchbreak Sketch, Original Art, personal post, Process and WIPs, random nonsense, Sketches, Traditional

A 30 min sketch done during lunch breaks at work.


Lunchsketch: Dec 06 by Rodreidizon

Notes to Tuntun: I noticed most of the things i need to correct  after i posted it on instagram. But no more time to fix it.. The neck should be thinned more and some values at the sides of the nose bridge.  Guess i trust my eyes more when looking at the drawing when on a screen than as i draw it on paper.. Will use this technique to check next time.  🙂

wip: tuntun120715_wip

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A WIP (work in progress) update for my commission. Studying more dynamic poses and perspective. Hope to apply it correctly on this next artwork. Working on this while watching the latest episode of Grimm.

Keeping the concept a secret for now as per agreement with client 🙂

Dec06: nightsketch

Copics, Ink and Paper, Sketches, Traditional


Nightsketch: A study of Kr0nprinz’s artwork #lifeisstrange finale using copic markers.  Still trying out different papers to blend copic markers.


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