I sketched JunkRat

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A sketch ofΒ #Junkrat. Been a while since i used my intuous :)

Time to sleep., here is Junkrat chilling ^^

This image is open for commission in case anyone wants it, i will continue πŸ™‚


Art Dump: April and May 2016

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I have not posted anything for 2 months! Nyak!!

Been very busy at work, and I went back to my country for my parents’ church wedding!
But for every little free time I had I would draw something and post in on my instagram, so here I am dumping everything I did since I last posted πŸ˜€


trying out my first stylized self-portrait. My first self-portrait actually lol.


A study of a catwoman πŸ™‚



For practice, I just searched “animals” in google images, and sketched away.


`a quick sketch of Maria Ozawa

One time I left my tablet at home and i was at my aunt’s place. I had 2 copic markers though. So here’s a quick sketch of a scene from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

And here’s another batman study πŸ˜€


My 2nd self portrait: BIG TUMMY TUNTUN



My bro found some of my old drawings in Highschool, and here I did a quick “draw me again” illustration.


A Tony Stark sketch:

#AnimalsOfGoogle illustration 2:




A study of major values πŸ™‚


an in-progress capture of illustration for an artjam, Viking with alien bio-armor theme


Update 2 on previous sketch:


update 3: Actually this is the submitted version to the artjam:


update 4: and here is me re-visiting that submitted sketch and worked on it more πŸ™‚


Oh and here’s a quick timelapse πŸ˜€


90+ % of the illustartions above are created using procreate on an ipad πŸ™‚

Wolverine | Logan Fanart

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Right after my Hulk artwork, I started working on a wolverine fanart on lunch break the next day.
This time the inspiration comes from the mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions.
The wolverine version here really has this animalistic look for our adamantium clawed James Howlett.

Some of the process shots and 15 secs timelapse are posted in my instagram:
instagram.com/tuntunduduls (Follow Me? :D)

wolverine wip

Anyway, below is the finished version and the black and white version before it.

When i posted this in some groups in fb it’s been compared to that dude from Jeeper’s Creepers and Kamen Rider

What do you guys think? Hit the comments below πŸ™‚

P.s. will find time to update the layout/groupings of this blog, suggestions and tips are most welcome!


HANGRYYYY (Hungry + Angry)

Comic Book Characters, Digital Paintings, geeky, Lunchbreak Sketch, Mobile paints, procreate paintings, Sketches

Started as a lunch time sketch and I thought Id work on it more.
This is a 2 hour illustration and if you’d like to see the painting process
It’s available as a 2 minute video timelapse. Lol haha
You can find it here: 2 minute timelapse

Here is the finished artwork:

Hulk Hangry by Rodreidizon

view the full size at my deviantart page

When you cant stop finishing a finished artwork:

999 points for Gryffindor

Art Commissions, Digital Paintings, geeky, Movie Characters, Original Art

Ending 2015 with a bang! Happy new year!

Nagini going for the kill: Ms.Β  GrangerΒ  couldn’t find the sword of Gryffindor.Β  Instead of the sorting hat,Β  she found a samurai helmet nearby with something shiny inside. She reached in. It was a bladeless hilt.
Just finished my last commission for this year! Umabot!

Cross-over commissioned art for @marcpodi
Visit my fb: fb.com/gawanituntund


Lunchsketch: Baldy

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Lunchsketch: Baldy by Rodreidizon

done in sketchbook appΒ  around 30 mins. Saitamatamatama

Nightsketch: Dec 1, Stormtrooper

Copics, geeky, Ink and Paper, Lunchbreak Sketch, Movie Characters, Original Art, Traditional

Stormtrooper sketch by rodreidizon

Night sketch: Hello December! Hello Star Wars month!tried to sketch storm troopers tonight, Β borrowed my cousin’s white pigment ink for the highlights (overdid it i guess)

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#starwars #stormtrooper #markers #sketch #copics #fanart

Lunchbreak sketch: Traffy Guy

Comic Book Characters, Copics, Ink and Paper, Inktober2015, Lunchbreak Sketch, Manga, Traditional


I still try to do sketching during lunchbreaks at work even after October Inktober ended. So for today it’s Trafalgar Law from One Piece manga,Β  badass captain of the Heart pirates, an ally of Luffy’s straw-hats Pirates.

Inktober 26: “The Tribbiani”

Copics, geeky, Ink and Paper, Traditional

Entry 26 for #inktober “The Tribbiani” #inktober26 #inktober2015 #copicMarkers @tuntunduduls #joeytribbiani

Oh,Β  what i do is, uh, i look a woman up and down and I say
“Hey,Β  how you doin’?”

~ Joey Tribbiani

Artwork done with Neutral Gray copic markers and Brush pen. Any other Certified F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans here?

Inktober 25: “Suly’s Nightmare”

Art Commissions, Copics, geeky, Ink and Paper, Inktober2015, Lunchbreak Sketch, Movie Characters, Original Art, Traditional

Entry 25 for #inktober: “Sulley’s Nightmare” @tuntunduduls original art


Drew this while watching Monsters University with my younger cousins Mico and Meanne.Β  Used copic markers N2, N4, N7 and 0.03 copic multiliner.